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Art theft, an empty conclusion


Cha-ching! Welcome to our money-hungry society, where art is belittled and subjected to the amount it’s worth rather than the value it holds within the art itself. The art world is so delicate in the way it’s often looked past and misunderstood. We see such masterpieces being taken and sold right under our noses, not realizing the impact it has on the artists and their legacy in the art world. Art is one of our guaranteed constants as the world evolves, so easily taken advantage of and mishandled. Sold and stripped of its deserving pedestal within a gallery, inevitably a piece of stolen history.


The worth of these pieces goes beyond their price tag, each piece of art tells a story or is specifically put together to induce an emotional response; this means these pieces are often personal and capture delight, troubles, sorrow, pleasure, and pain. Making them immensely personal and valuable to the artist, dead or alive. The act of stealing valuable art is eventually empty as you’ll only end up with a masterful piece that you may find appealing but most definitely do not respect. So then we ask, what is art without respect for all it is without the price tag?


We may need to be reminded of the childhood advice all parents gave “look but DON’T touch”


Your Arts focused Wellington Experience


Wellington is rich in art and culture, as our universities house such young and creative artists, this is seen upon the city and its walls. Taking a stroll down most streets you are likely to come across eye-catching graffiti/ mural-covered walls.


For those who want a “look but don’t touch” day, immersed in arts for under $20 within Wellington City, you must start your journey at Te Papa to get the creative juices flowing; ready to scout pieces around the city.


Some of the most adored pieces can be found among the main streets, along with almost any ally you walk down. Don’t Forget, the polarizing Bowie trio on Leeds Street! As you find yourself on Cuba Street, make your way to Midnight Espresso for a coffee, but the best part is the art on the walls, particularly you MUST see the corridor to the bathroom, a glow in the dark eye trapping moment. Be consumed by art without a price tag.


Check out this mural within a snug ally…

Image: Tanisha Ranchhod / Opera House Lane, Wellington / Painted Mural


By Tanisha Ranchhod