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Aussies are stealing our nurses

The brain drain continues

The other day one of our team ended up in the ED and overheard medical staff talking about the amazing opportunities offered in Australia.


It’s never been a secret that Aus pays better, but we’re talking about travel expenses covered, for you AND your pet, plus free accommodation for the first 3 months, oh and lets not forget up-to 3x your current salary.


It sounds too good to be true, so we reached out to our community to find out if more of our nurses were being poached.

Our post gained a lot of traction and many local nurses reached out to us confirming Australia’s big push to steal our talent. Here’s what people were saying;

But its not just all hearsay, here’s some of the targeted advertising our nurses are seeing on social media, and a recruitment flyer sent to us;

Don't go packing your bags just yet

You might want to check how easy it will be to find a place to live where you’ll be working, there’s currently a big rent shortage across the country. If your lucky some recruiters are providing living arrangements to combat this.

It’s important to keep in mind that not every opportunity has all the perks, however a pay rise is all but guaranteed. With the lousy weather, housing crisis, health crisis, and cost of living crisis why on earth would we expect our talent to stay here?

The nurses are well resourced, disciplined, have high energy, can deal with pressure, and are constantly learning from others on the fly. The workup environment is a labyrinth of instructions, procedures,  and rules complicated by so many different patients behaviours.

The word in the ward is that Aus nurses are not as friendly as New Zealand and often demote senior New Zealand nurses and clinical managers to lower rolls and make them work their way up the food chain. Many are coming back to New Zealand because the culture is better and the work colleagues are more friendly and personable.
Aus is also facing huge strain on its health system, a big reason why they’re aggressively looking for more staff. So the grass may be the same colour, but the pay certainly isn’t.
NZ needs to value its critical workers before they all leave for a warmer climate.