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Mindfloss: Who are we?


Here at Mindfloss, we like to call ourselves the people’s media. We are a non-traditional news media platform with a key focus on local, Wellington news. With new fresh and alternative stories every week ranging from a new cafe opening up downtown to serious worldly events, Mindfloss has got you covered for all of your newsy needs.


Mindfloss is in collaboration with Wellington Live and Wellington In Your Pocket – two separate media platforms that integrate together in various ways. To simplify:

Wellington Live: Wellington’s largest Facebook page & source of community news and events with over a quarter of a million followers 

Mindfloss: A non-traditional news media platform focussing on local, Wellington news and stories

Wellington In Your Pocket: A travel and experience bundling app bringing about a paradigm shift in how we explore our city


Our Facebook page – Wellington Live – integrates with Mindfloss through sharing our articles and interviews, and basing article content on posts we have made. Wellington In Your Pocket is also integrated into Mindfloss through experiences. On Wellington In Your Pocket, we create bundled experiences that combine multiple businesses, events and activities together to make one rounded day out. On Mindfloss, we then either create articles based on the experiences – sometimes with reviews – or digital content so that you can see exactly what your day will look like before you go ahead and purchase the bundle! On Wellington Live, we then push these experiences to our audience to try out for themselves.


Together, the three sites deliver mass audiences and experiences for people, as well as local news and information to enjoy. 

We are not MSM. We are fiercely independent and take on the big issues that impact the lives of Wellingtonians. We stay bipartisan and deliver in different formats to suit how our followers want to receive their information: written, video, posting feedback etc. We are not shy and we will challenge but won’t go negative. Our whole story is about being positive for a better Wellington.