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Welly Fashion Goes Green

Love it or hate it, minimum wage is now $21.20 an hour, aand the planet is still on fire. With rising costs of living and rising sea levels, it’s hard to balance what we buy with what is sustainable. Thankfully, there are options to shop sustainably and avoid the deadly but deliciously tempting fast-fashion cycle, all without breaking the bank. 


I spent one hour on a mission around Wellington’s fabulous second-hand clothing scene to find an outfit for a date, and see how far an hour’s pay ($21.20 before tax) would get me. The staff were amazing and even though it wasn’t easy, I managed to piece together a pretty cute fit.


While we should still be conscious not to over consume, these local stores are more financially accessible, and have plenty of options right in the city centre. Also remember to donate clothes if you’re done with them, you can also do that at most of the places listed below:

  • Mary Potter Hospice 264 Cuba St $ 
  • Salvation Army 224 Taranaki St $ 
  • St Vincent de Paul 109 Aro St $
  • Paperbag Princess 209 Cuba St $$ 
  • Recycle Boutique 143 Vivian St $$$    
  • Thrift 162 Cuba St $$$$ 
  • Spacesuit 164 Cuba St $$$$ 
  • My Walk-in Wardrobe pop-up Cuba https://www.mywalkinwardrobe.co.nz/


There are plenty more options out of the Central City, take a gander down Riddiford St Newtown, or peruse the scene in Brooklyn, the city is teeming with possibilities.


Or if you’re a baller you might like some of the options listed here:



It’s not easy being hot, and eco-friendly on a budget, but today we proved that it is not only possible, but makes for a super fun day.