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Live Charity Support: Making a Positive Impact Together

With our LIVE charity support, we turn our vast audiences and communities into a force for good.

All of our sponsorship must bind to our core values of.

Community place

High energy


Services Offered

We offer our reach, IT and natural marketing skills to grow and improve your digital footprints and we use our “combined skills and audiences ” to bring you mass reach, high-quality engagement, and our Ai skills and analytics to make your campaigns more dynamic and successful.


Digital Footprint Enhancement


Mass Reach and Engagement:


AI Skills and Analytics

Through a grant from The Bloxham Foundation we work our tails off to engage and work with charities that work in pain, ptsd, depression and alcohol areas. 

We bring the best reach and engagement tools, creative and natural marketing ideas to supercharge your campaigns and general support and advice where its needed or requested. 

To get going we absorb and understand your business goals, values, communities focus and brand communication styles. 

LIVE Charity includes all our products and sites, including Ai tools, LIVE interviews, streaming, mass reach into all channels including advertorials, websites, community groups, stories, posts, reels, and access to our writers, videographers, and natural marketing creatives.

The Bloxham Foundation donate $60,000 media, it support and cash to charity groups annually.