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Can you handle 100K+ wind gusts?

Do you know what the bucket fountain is?

HELLO & Welcome to HOTLINE.

Every day, Sean Rush and Sara Jane Seddon conduct short snacky interviews with everyday Welly people.

HOTLINE is a fun, uplifting, revealing, and safe channel, where Wellingtonians can vibe, call in, message us, or pop in, to discuss, debate, and positively progress any issues capturing the Capital’s imagination…

Angela Foster

Antony Young

Week 2 Five Snacky Interviews

Introducing Eamonn Kilgariff

Introducing Nicola Cranfield

Introducing Chris Archer

Introducing Jamie Tout

Introducing Jose Ubiaga

WEEK 3 - Six Snacky Interviews

Introducing Regan Scoullar

Introducing John Allen

Introducing Polly Gillespie

Introducing Vicki Ha Part 1

Introducing Vicki Ha Part 2

Introducing Andy Foster

WEEK 4 - Seven snacky interviews

Introducing Ray Chung

Introducing Mal Brow

Introducing Andy Foster

Introducing Jeremy Smith

Introducing Greig Wilson

Introducing Steve Piper

Introducing Matt Cooper