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For advertisers, charities, and organisations that want a steady stream of new customers.

What our content creators and editors don’t know about engagement isn’t worth knowing. We know our audiences inside out, and we understand how to engage with them. It’s about delivering relevant and exciting content at the perfect time, measuring everything, and knowing what works.


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Ngauranga and Petone changing ahead

Why and How

Earlier this year, during a Facebook Meta ban, through working harder, we hit a “sweet spot” and a highly probable algorithm beater. Pssst. We were daisy chaining all our sites, combining audiences together with our clients, using ALL Facebook tools, comments, tags, likes, commenting between sites, creating polls, reels, posts, stories, and sharing, pushing to WhatsApp and Messenger and running a small $20 spend.



All this coordinated together hooked the algorithm to recommend the event page.


The event sold out. We now do this all day long, to the benefit of our happy clients.


We have effectively proven the algorithm is trying to avoid AI and is looking for real people and communities, of which we have 1.5 million.

Our Products

Each of these services is carefully designed to generate maximum reach to drive customers to our advertisers’ stores or websites.

wellington.live story map

Being featured on the pet-friendly map has made us way busier instantly.

- Cafe Island Bay


Story Maps

We’ve combined maps, stories, social media, and search, so you get discovered on Wellington.live online, Google, Facebook, TikTok & Instagram.

You get:
  • ✔ 2 posts
  • ✔ An exclusive map
  • ✔ Added to the best of maps
  • ✔ A competition that gets 20k–30k engagement guaranteed
  • ✔ Photos, and an article on the website

$1300 $885 + GST

wellington.live business review

That night, our bookings doubled

- Buddha Stix Petone


Business Restaurant Review

Word of mouth is the best. A third-party reporter creates content that customers can’t resist. Expect quality videos, photos, persuasive writing, and amazing reviews on the Wellington.live web channel, Google, Facebook, TikTok, & Instagram.
You get:
  • ✔ 6 posts
  • ✔ Photos
  • ✔ Snack video
  • ✔ A review on the website
  • ✔ 30k reach guaranteed

$1650 $1235 + GST

wellington.live competition post

We were booked solid for months from one post.

- Two Peas In A Pod

  • ✅ Immediate direct bookings
  • ✅ Didn't pay 20% commission


Competition Post

Our followers can’t resist a giveaway. We have content that customers can’t resist. Snack videos, and photos, on the Wellington.live web channel, google, Facebook, TikTok, & Instagram.
You get:
  • ✔ 3 posts
  • ✔ Photos
  • ✔ Snack video
  • ✔ 40k reach guaranteed

$650 $450 + GST

wellington.live Facebook polls

The poll showed us and our customers who was the biggest.

- Delivery Co.

  • ✅ The Poll put us out there
  • ✅ Knowing what people want is important


Facebook Poll

People love a poll. The reach and engagement are excellent on Facebook.
You get:
  • ✔ 1 poll

$475 $275+ GST

Being involved in Wellington traffic elevated our brand.


  • ✅ 50k reach a day was a huge
  • ✅ It aligned with our drivers, as they could feed local traffic messages


Wellington Traffic

Get featured with Wellington.live traffic updates.

You get:

  • ✔ 10 posts per week
  • ✔ Photos
  • ✔ Snack video
  • ✔ Reviews on the website
  • ✔ 30k reach guaranteed

$1800 / week
$885 + GST / week

wellington.live weather updates

Being involved in Wellington weather was so fresh and got us in front of thousands of potential new customers.

- Major car brand

  • ✅ The coverage was excellent
  • ✅ We are continuing


Wellington Weather

Get featured with Wellington.live weather updates.

You get:

  • ✔ 10 posts per week
  • ✔ Photos
  • ✔ Snack video
  • ✔ Reviews on the website
  • ✔ 30k reach guaranteed

$1800 / week
$885 + GST / week

White Paper

A winning Hospitality bar, restaurant campaign.

Media Kit

More about One Network, the pages, and much more in-depth data about our audiences, followers, and our advertisers potential customers.