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Unlocking Opportunities with LIVE Sponsorship

Embark on a transformative journey with Wellington LIVE Group’s sponsorship packages. As your dedicated media partner, we immerse ourselves in understanding your business goals, values, communities, and styles. Our goal is to enhance your digital presence through mass reach, high-quality engagement, and cutting-edge AI analytics, ensuring dynamic and successful campaigns.

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LIVE Sponsor Packages

Explore the breadth of possibilities with our LIVE Sponsor Packages. Benefit from a suite of offerings designed to amplify your brand’s reach and engagement. From cutting-edge AI analytics to captivating LIVE interviews, dynamic streaming experiences, and expansive mass reach across all channels—including advertorials, websites, community groups, stories, posts, and reels. Enjoy the expertise of our skilled writers, videographers, and natural marketing creatives to craft compelling campaigns that resonate with your audience. Your success story starts here.