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Neck and neck between the top two or three Real-estate outfits. Extremely competitive between Tony's and Lowe & co. Such a full-on area real estate. Shout out if you have purchased a home or you're looking at it. It looks like the industry is well competitive and apologizes about omitting the professionals. OUR BAD, and if you have a small boutique real estate or property business send in your details to info@wellington.live

It's amazing how HELL dominate Wellington given Dominoes is so cheap and affordable, must be to do with the fact it started in a gym and squash court up by the Kelburn cable car. Total dominance HELL who also sponsor tge mighty Saints b/ball team led by the great Mills family. Word is that their toppings are still holding up in quality in amongst some pretty sti headwinds, so we'll done to HELL pizza, this years champion.

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