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Bounty Box and the future of organic sustainable shopping

Each year more and more people are turning to organic produce as we become increasingly aware of the impact of the things we put into our bodies. People are grocery shopping more sustainably and with greater care for where the products we purchase are coming from. This of course has led to a greater need for stores that offer these kinds of organic, locally sourced products and we are thankfully seeing more and more pop up in all corners of the country. 

Introducing Bounty Box, which has just popped up in Petone and is the perfect store to satisfy all of your organic and sustainability-focussed needs! Bounty Box has a spectacular range of upmarket and locally sourced products from small independent businesses, ranging from deli meats to dairy products, eggs, fresh bread and many many more. They also offer an online delivery service, making fresh and organic produce accessible to everyone.

In addition to this, the non-grocery side of the store is dedicated to an amazing cafe where the organic produce from the store is used to make their meals, with a big focus on gluten-free products as well as Keto slices. Conclude your weekly grocery shop with a delicious coffee and sweet treat all in this one-stop shop! 

The store itself hosts a very warm and comforting environment, with a rustic feel and beautiful artwork from Kiwi artists featured on the walls for you to admire whilst you shop. Bounty Box has created a way for your grocery shop to feel like a treat, while at the same time knowing that the products you purchase are guilt-free from all angles.

Next time you’re in Petone go and check out Bounty Box, and rest easy knowing exactly what’s in your food!